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VHT SP110 Exhaust Flameproof  Flat Blue High Temp - Kustom Paint Supply

VHT SP110 Exhaust Flameproof Flat Blue High Temp


  • $23.99

VHT FlameProof Coating will renew and extend the life of any surface exposed to extremely high temperatures. This unique coating is a matte finish, silicone ceramic base widely used by the automotive industry on exhaust systems and the aerospace industry for jet engines, re-entry vehicles and other high temperature applications. 
VHT FlameProof Coating will withstand temperatures up to 2000°F (1093°C) and is ideal for use on headers, exhaust systems, or wherever an extreme temperature coating is needed.
  • Temperature: 1300°F-2000°F (704°C-1093°C)
  • Applications: Headers, Exhaust Manifolds, Piston Domes, Inside Heads
  • Finish: Flat
  • Dry Time: Curing time required and can be done on or off vehicle (see below)
Curing FlameProof
VHT FlameProof Coating only attains its unique properties after correct curing (refer to instructions on the can).
Coating System
VHT provides a multi-high performance coating system for the ultimate in protection and quality. The system includes surface preparation, primer, paint and clear coat.
  • Prep SP445  -   Prep Spray
  • Prime SP118  -  FlameProof Primer
  • Coat  SPXXX -  FlameProof Color
  • Finish SP115   -   FlameProof Clear

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