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UPOL Primer Filler (4:1) Gray Gallon Kit UP2253V

UPOL Primer Filler (4:1) Gray Gallon Kit UP2253V


  • $156.99

1 Gallon Primer Kit Includes:

1 Gallon of U-POL UP2253 (4.2 VOC) HS High Build Urethane Primer, 1 Liter of U-POL UP2323 Standard Hardener (Makes 1 1/4 Sprayable Gallons = Aprox. 5 Liters). NOTE: This Clearcoat meets the 4.2 National VOC Rule, but is not VOC compliant for sale in California and Canada will not be sold in either California or Canada. Features: UP2253 2K HS PRIMER FILLER is a high solids 4.2 National VOC Rule compliant two component acrylic urethane coating, which can be used as multi-role 3 in 1 coating: 1. High Build Primer Filler for spot repairs. (use at 4:1) 2. Primer Surfacer for large areas. (use at 4:1+10% UP2481 or UP2842 Reducer) 3. A Non Sand (wet on wet) sealer. (use at 4:1+20% UP2481 or UP2842 Reducer ) 4. Tintable with up to 10% with acrylic urethane mixing base.

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