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U-POL UP0796 CLEAR #1 High Gloss Clear Coat Aerosal

U-POL UP0796 CLEAR #1 High Gloss Clear Coat Aerosal


  • $35.49

Very high gloss finish with excellent U.V. resistance and durability. Ideal for spot repair and blends easily with existing 2K clear coating. High performance clog-free aerosol giving a spray gun like finish. Fast drying, easy to use giving excellent image depth.

  • CLEAR #1 is a 1K, ready to use clear coat in an aerosol. It is used for finishing coated 
  • surfaces in order to achieve a high gloss, UV resistant, durable finish. 
  • A new high performance clear coat that gives 2K performance with the convenience of an 
  • aerosol. CLEAR #1 is the ultimate SMART repair tool it is crystal clear, has excellent build 
  • and is compatible with water-based base coats 
  • The cured CLEAR #1 has excellent gloss and image depth it is ideal for spot repairs and 
  • gives a durable, UV resistant finish.
  • CLEAR #1 is isocyanate free. 


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