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SATA RPS 0.3 L cup w/Plug-in Sieve - 200µ 118406


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SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the cup system for body shops emphasizing perfect painting finishes and high efficiency. SATA RPS facilitates the painters' work, significantly enhances the body shops' productivity and critically reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents.

RPS 0.3 liter
The 0.3 l cups are available with two different spray gun connections. The RPS 0.3 liter Standard fits on standard size with "QC" or "Thread" spray gun types like the sizes 0.6 l and 0.9 l. The RPS 0.3 l minijet fits on SATA minijet spray guns with "QC" or "Thread" and SATAjet 20 B threaded. Extremely low weight of RPS contributes to fatigue-free work: cup and lid of the 0.3l version have a weight of 34g.

RPS 0.6 liter
The standard cup size for most paint jobs in crafts and industry. The container size is identical to a conventional re-usable cup.

RPS 0.9 liter
This cup size allows to paint large surfaces with primer, filler, singlestage materials, basecoat or clear coat without refilling, and consequently, without work interruptions. Optimum ergonomics for fatigue-free work even when filled to the maximum.

RPS 0.6 liter - UV (black pvc)
Especially suitable for the application of UV paints. The black pvc cup lengthens the life of the UV paint in the cup. Additionally, a UV protector for protection of the air cap is available as well.

Each system consists of only three components and is optionally available with either a 125 µ / 200 µ flat sieve or 200 µ plug-in sieve. Both sieves and lids are also separately available and can be used with both cup sizes. 
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