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POR 15 41008 Self Etching Primer SEPP Pint

POR 15 41008 Self Etching Primer SEPP Pint

POR 15

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POR-15® SELF-ETCHING PRIMER is the perfect solution for painting over top of cured POR-15. This terrific high-tech coating will gently etch tough and glossy POR-15 making the perfect surface for bonding with the paint of your choice. Now you can use POR-15® for the ultimate protective coating while also top coating with any color or type of paint! 
POR-15® SELF-ETCHING PRIMER is engineered specifically as a bonding coat for POR-15. It is not a high-build primer. Try POR-15 SELF-ETCHING PRIMER. You'll love the way it bonds to cured POR-15® and the way other paints bond to it. Covered by our unconditional money-back satisfaction guarantee. 
Available in pints quarts or gallons plus our ultra-convenient oversize aerosol spray can (15 ounces!). 
NOTE: In situations where you are topcoating a very old POR-15 finish we first recommend a light sanding with any 280 to 320 grit paper 
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