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PCL Satin Clearcoat 2596 2597 1 Quart Kit

PCL Satin Clearcoat 2596 2597 1 Quart Kit

Pacific Coast Lacquers

  • $73.98

Satin Clearcoat
1 Qt Kit - Part# 
2596 2597

Product Description
SATIN CLEAR URETHANE is a durable and VOC-compliant  polyurethane product,  formulated to produce a high  quality satin finish when used over a variety of base coats in  base coat/clear coat systems. Apply over base coats when a  satin finish is desired.

Mixing Directions
MIX ONLY WHEN READY TO USE. Mix only enough material to be used in 30 to 35 minutes. Always maintain the proper mixing ratio, four parts Part A to one part Part B Catalyst. In a separate and larger container, thoroughly stir Part A and slowly add Part B Catalyst until well mixed.

  • Easy to mix
  • Dust-free in 30 minutes
  • Low viscosity
  • Great atomization


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