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Morgan Number 9 Nokker Slide Hammer Kit, Pt# NO-9

Morgan Number 9 Nokker Slide Hammer Kit, Pt# NO-9


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NO9 Kit
9-lb. Slide Hammer taps lightly as a tack hammer or drives like a sledge. Allows positive control of impact.BS-1 Thin HookUsed on light duty applications where a narrow blade is neededBS-2 Chain HookChain fits around metal parts where a regular hook might slip off or not reach. Can be used with vice grips to pull sheet metal edgesBS-4 Caulking BladeUsed as a straight driver or deep reverse pulling when used with a BS-3 Return CouplerBS-5 Offset BladeMalleable and can be used as a driver as well as deep reverse pulling with the BS-3 Return CouplerBS-7 ShaftImpact ring is hot formed as an integral part of shaft. No welds to break or threads to loosen upThread cleaner on male end, coupler on female end. Both ends useable and adapt to all 4-ton bantam size jacks with 3/4" pipe thread fittings. This allows jack user to direct force to end he wants to moveRemovable HandleBS-8, 9, 11Standard hooks for general purpose pullingBS-10 Screw PullerUse with JR-56 & JR-57 Super Point as well as stock bolts and studs. Can also be used with a variety of hooks from the Jr. Nokker®

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