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LORD Fusor 127 EZ Structural Adhesive Slow 10.1oz

LORD Fusor 127 EZ Structural Adhesive Slow 10.1oz

Lord Fusor

  • $53.99

LORD Fusor

Structural Adhesive Slow 10.1oz
127 EZ - 1 Tube


Bonding of plastic body panels spoilers and ground effects. Excellent for cab extenders glass wood and other surfaces.
Bonding of SMC fiberglass carbon fiber and other plastics to itself and primed metal.  
• Features & Benefits:
• High-strength structural adhesive
• Provides enough work time for bonding large body panels
• Easy to gun non-sag formula

REDUCES INVENTORY - One product for every bumper; one product for every body panel.
STRONG - Stronger than the original plastics.
SANDS GREAT - Undetectable feather edge.
CURES FAST - Sandable in as little as 10 minutes.
FLEXIBLE - A cure speed for every job.
OEM RECOMMENDED - Featured in the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance/Fusor 001 training course.
COST-EFFECTIVE - Can be charged to the repair order. Available in job-size cartridges.
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