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Lil' Daddy Roth Rattle Bomb Pearl - Ko-Balls Kameleon Purple Blue - 12oz Aerosol

Lil' Daddy Roth

  • $27.99

Pearl Factory is a staple in the kustom painting world. The problem has always been the tons of extra work involved when painting with pearl- it makes a mess in the booth and the spray equipment clean-up can be a headache. All the extra hassle for doing small jobs has always scared people away.
Here s where our Roth Pearl Rattle Bomb aerosols come in:
  • Our pearls are small so they give great coverage to even the smallest edges you can find in any application.
  • Perfect for touching up areas or finishing interior pieces when you don t want to hassle with getting the spray gun out again.
  • Our colors are the same product we sell as dry pearl.
  • Perfect for color matching accessories like trim, wheels, interior parts, motorcycles, bicycles and all kinds of craft hobbies.
  • And last but not least - easy clean up!
The Rattle Bombs work together as a system with each product fulfilling a step:
  1. Roth Rattle Bomb Basecoat
  2. Roth Rattle Bomb Pearl
  3. Clearcoat of your choice
You can even mix them up for some wild color combinations!
Here s how it works:
Creating a great Roth Pearl Factory paint job is super simple with our Roth Rattle Bomb System. Choose your pearl color first, then choose your basecoat color. We recommend choosing the black or white base for maximum coverage. Apply your basecoat over the primed surface, then take your time laying down even layers of pearl over the dry base. Then top coat it all with some clear. That s it. No mess! No fuss!
For best results, Roth Rattle Bomb aerosol cans must be kept warm. If you are in a cold weather area, be sure to warm up the can before use by placing it in a sink with warm water. Cold cans will cause blushing with a bad milky effect to the paint due to separation.
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