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House of Kolor SS01 Silver Sealer Undercoat 1 Quart

House of Kolor SS01 Silver Sealer Undercoat 1 Quart

House of Kolor

  • $83.00

Silver Sealer
1Qt - SS01

SS01 House of Kolor Silver Sealer is the only silver sealer in the automotive paint business. Considered a must under all metallic based colors for easy to spray even coverage of metallic basecoats. Fewer topcoats will be necessary for additional savings. SS01 is a premium polyurethane catalyzed sealer system providing tenacious adhesion and long term color hold out. Engineered to work over House of Kolor’s new KD3000 Direct to Surface colored primer system, KP, KS, KD systems, and OE finishes. SS01 can also be custom tinted with up to 10% of Kandy Koncentrate for an even closer color match under Shimrin2® and original Shimrin® basecoats and Kandy basecoats.
SS01 is a high quality two component polyurethane sealer designed to:
• Act as a bond coat between primer and top coats.
• Act as a holdout agent to prevent topcoats from soaking into the primer and reducing gloss.
• Make the object to be painted an appropriate color for faster coverage of top coats.
• Can be applied over properly prepared and sanded previously painted OEM surfaces, KP, or KD Series House of Kolor® Primers for proper adhesion of topcoats.
SS01 is a high quality polyurethane catalyzed sealer designed to be used with all House of Kolor BC, KBC, SG, PBC basecoat products. Choose the appropriate color for the base coat system and color that is going to be applied. Add 10 percent Kandy Koncentrates to SS01 Silver Sealer for a closer match to the base coat or top coat color.
For use under a UKK or UK Kandy we recommend applying 2 coats of a BC basecoat to balance final appearance.
Simply add catalyst and spray, no reduction necessary
• 6 parts SS01 Silver Sealer
• 1 part KU152 Hardener
• 10% KK Koncentrate optional
• NOTE: RU Reducers may be added up to 10% for additional flow and control  


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