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House of Kolor RU312 Kosmic Kolor  Slow Dry Reducer  1 Quart

House of Kolor RU312 Kosmic Kolor Slow Dry Reducer 1 Quart

House of Kolor

  • $28.00

Make no mistake, there is a big difference in the quality of ingredients used in reducers and thinners. Some manufacturer's, in an effort to cut costs, use inexpensive products and chemicals that have residual or long term release problems (often causing the paint to have a rubbery consistency for many weeks). Also these inexpensive ingredients cause reduced gloss or hazing of the final finish. This is particularly evident when paint is over reduced. With House of Kolor® Reducers and Thinners, no dulling occurs even when the paint is over reduced. Our quality shines through. House of Kolor® uses only the finest ingredients. Our reducers and thinners leave the paint in stages for proper flow out and they retain the original gloss of the paint. We recommend that you use only our quality reducers and thinners with House of Kolor® products.
Our Kosmic Reducers - RU300 EXEMPT, RU310 FAST DRY, RU311 MEDIUM DRY, RU312 SLOW DRY, RU313 HIGH TEMP - are the only reducers we recommend for use with our Kosmic Kolor® Urethane Enamel system. Used in the base, Kandy and clear coats, our reducers allow for:
  • Excellent sprayability 
  • Good flow out and leveling
  • Fast staged release 
  • Retention of gloss when dry

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