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Evercoat 2200 Clay Magic Fine Blue - Kustom Paint Supply

Evercoat 2200 Clay Magic Fine Blue


  • $47.99

Clay Magic® is the deep cleaning and smoothing clay bar that instantly removes harmful pollutants from today's vehicle finishes without using strong, acidic chemicals or harsh abrasives.
Clay Magic® is not just another cleaner, it is a totally unique product that instantly removes the environmental contaminants which can deteriorate a vehicle's finish. 
Clay Magic® was developed as a solution to the increasing damage being done to the finishes of today's vehicle due to harsh pollutants that burn right through conventional protectants. Invisible pollutants such as industrial fallout, car exhaust and oxidation from acid rain, along with visible impurities like road tar, tree sap and insect residue, can irreversible damage a new finish in a few short years. Clay Magic® clay bars are also effective in removing paint over-spray.

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