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Eagle Abrasives 1931503 6" Super Tack Tolex Discs - Kustom Paint Supply

Eagle Abrasives 1931503 6" Super Tack Tolex Discs

Eagle Abrasives

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Eagle Abrasives
6" Super Tack Tolex Discs
1 Box - Part# 

SUPER-TACK Tolex discs are ideal for light topcoat sanding in removing minor over-runs and small dust nibs. Highly effective dry lubrication process allows minimum clogging, thus increasing sanding life and productivity. Utilizing the most uniform abrasive minerals and state of the art coating technology, SUPER-TACK Tolex system can achieve topcoat finishes so uniform that no other dry sanding system ever has before. Recommended to use with interface pads P/N 971-0042 or P/N 971-7052. Finish equivalent: ± P2000.

Tolex, a breakthrough in both micro-finishing sanding and dry lubrication process technology, results in a system that allows true topcoat sanding without the use of water. Dust and nibs can now be located and removed quickly thanks to the blocking effect of the Tolex pads. Tolex scratches are extremely uniform and shallow, they can be easily removed by light compounding or with the Buflex system. If you are concerned with the productivity of your topcoat finishing but prefer not to wet sand, Tolex finishes are the closest to wet but with the speed of dry sanding.

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