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Datco SURGICAL BLUE TACK RAG - Part # 15801 - Kustom Paint Supply

Datco SURGICAL BLUE TACK RAG - Part # 15801


  • $2.50

Surgical Blue"! Tack Cloth

Well-known in the OEM/Automotive manufacturing industry, Surgical Blue"! Tack Cloth is used to provide a contaminant-free surface before painting to prevent defects.

Use Surgical Blue"! Tack Cloth before you paint, and get the finishing results you expect.

Available in Display Box, Individually Bagged, Bulk Cut or Rolls.

Benefits and Features

  • Used in any clearcoat/basecoat applications
  • Anti-Static, Non-Toxic, Safe and Odorless
  • Removes dust, lint, metal or other contaminants
  • Compatible with all paints and finishes
  • Leaves surfaces smooth and free from residue
  • Always soft and pliable
  • Complete QA progra
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