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Custom JEEP Paint Spray Can - Matched to YOUR car! - Kustom Paint Supply

Custom JEEP Paint Spray Can - Matched to YOUR car!

Custom Paint

  • $39.99

This is a Custom Professional Spray Can Loaded with a High Solids Quality European Automotive Paint.

Pro-Spray Basecoat Colour delivers premium European performance, accurate colour match and high strength and hiding power for coverage in fewer coats.  Basecoat Colour utilizes the Pro-Spray Intermix System to provide a full range of compliant solid, metallic, pearl and xirallic colours.

You Supply:
Paint Code
E-Mail paint codes after placing order!

We use the gathered information and make the paint matched to your code and load it into a professional spray can.

Common Uses:
Exterior Repair
Body Lip Kits
Add on Spoilers
Color Match Chrome Trim
 Mirrors (some come black)
Well Prepped Engines (over a high heat primer)
Color Matching Accessories such as Trim, Wheels, Interior Parts
Custom Colors like Viper Snake Skin Green for Bicycles or Hobbies


We guarantee our paint will match the original color chip provided by the paint manufacturer for your vehicle.
Paint chips vary by manufacturer and we
cannot control all the variables.We check your order before it leaves!

Matching Your Paint Color
Colors fade over time, especially the reds and any color with red in it like gold. However, since you are only repairing small areas, this should not be too much of an issue. Just remember this when doing exterior colors on older, aged cars.  This is not always an issue, but can be common on older vehicles.

You May request a lighter variant if you feel your car has seen a lot of UV rays.

  You MAY have a tri coat on your car. This means the first is a basecoat of color. Next a second coat of transparent color or pearl, called the midcoat is applied and finally, a coat of clearcoat. The midcoat color is applied very thin and adds additional depth to the paint. In order to successfully match a tri-coat, you need two cans of paint. We will inform you of this once we recieve the coat, you may need to purchase an additional can of paint.

Clear Coats
The clearcoat is a clear, shiny layer of paint that is applied over the basecoat of color. It protects the paint from UV and is necessary to make the paint shine. The basecoat contains the color and the clearcoat makes them shine.

You can order different qualities of clear coat through our eBay Store.

Container 1 Can (12oz)

Finding Your Code


All models 2007 and newer: check the Driver side door or door jamb #1
300: #5 passenger side firewall or #4 center firewall
300C: #5passenger side or #4 middle firewall
300M: #5 passenger side or #4 middle firewall, #1 driver side door jamb
5th Avenue: location unknown, please check all locations.
Aspen: location unknown, please check all locations.
Cirrus: location unknown, please check all locations.
Colt: #5 Firewall Passenger Side
Concorde: #2 In Front of Radiator, #5  passenger side firewall, #6 or #7 Inner Fender wall
Crossfire: #6 or #7 Right Frame Rail ( Engine Compartment)
Imperial: #2 Radiator Support Bar
Le Baron: location unknown, please check all locations.
LHS: #5 passenger side firewall
New Yorker: #6 or #7 Inner Fender well ( Passenger or Drivers Side )
Pacifica: #2 In Front Radiator
Prowler: #2 In Front of Radiator (Driver's Side )
PT Cruiser:  #5 or #4 Firewall ( Passenger Side or center), #1 driver side door jamb
Ram-50: location unknown, please check all locations.
Sebring: #5 passenger side or #4 center firewall, or #3 driver side firewall, #1 driver side door jamb.
TC:   #3 Firewall ( Driver's Side )
Town and Country: #2 Radiator support or #2 front or radiator passenger side
Vista: #6 Inner Fender well ( Driver’s  Side )
Voyager: location unknown, please check all locations.

2007+ Dodge All Models:

#1 Inside Driver side Door Jamb
Avenger: #2 Firewall (Passenger Side)
Caliber: #1 Driver side Door Jamb
Caravan: #5 In Front of Radiator or #6 Floor Pan under Passenger seat
Challenger: #1 Diver Side Door Jamb
Charger: #2 Firewall  (Passenger Side)
Dakota: On Floor Behind Passenger Seat, Cab Back panel; front passenger floor pan
Daytona: #5 under the hood on a vin plate by the hood latch
Durango: #7 Front Passenger Wheel well, #1 Inside driver side door jamb; #6 front passenger floor pan
Dynasty: Location Unknown
Full Pickup: On Floor  Behind Passenger Seat
Intrepid: #5 In Front of  Radiator (Passenger Side), #7 or #8 Inner Fender well, or #5 In Front of  Radiator, #2 firewall passenger side
Magnum: #2 Firewall (Passenger Side)
Monaco: Location Unknown
Neon: #7 or #8 Strut Towers, Inside Driver side door jamb, or #2 passenger side firewall.
Nitro: #1 Driver Side Door Jamb
Ram Minivan:  #5 In Front of Radiator (Passenger Side)
Ram Truck: #5 In Front of Radiator (Passenger Side), #4 Behind Battery, #6 Floor Pan under Passenger seat
Shadow: Location Unknown
Spirit: Location Unknown
Sprinter: Location Unknown
Stealth: #2 Firewall (Passenger Side) or #4 driver side firewall
#2, #3 #4 Firewall ( Driver Side, passenger, or center)
T300: #5 In Front of  Radiator  (Passenger Side)
Van: : #7 or #8 Inner Fender well, or #4 Behind Battery (Driver’s Side)
Viper: #1 Inside Driver’s Door/ Jam


All Models: Driver side door jamb, In front of radiator, or on firewall, under the driver seat
Cherokee: In Front of radiator, on driver side firewall, or in drivers door
Comanche: Radiator Support
Commander: Inside Driver’s Door / jam
Compass: Driver side Door Jamb
Grand Cherokee: In Front of radiator, passenger side of firewall, driver side door jamb
Liberty: Driver side Door Jamb, in Front of radiator
Patriot: Driver side Door Jamb
Wagoneer: Radiator Support
Wrangler: Under the driver seat, drivers door, bottom deck


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