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American Tape 1 1/2'' AM3655 Aqua Mask   1 CASE/24 ROLLS - Kustom Paint Supply

American Tape 1 1/2'' AM3655 Aqua Mask 1 CASE/24 ROLLS

American Tape

  • $115.99

" A beige, moisture-resistant crepe paper masking tape coated with a stain resistant pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Capable of withstanding bake temperatures up to 250ºF for one hour and/or exposure to ultra-violet light for up to five hours. Specially designed adhesive sticks firmly and securely to most surfaces with clean removal. 
" Product Application: 
" Spray painting primarily aftermarket autos, boats, etc., wooden window manufacturing, some PCB manufacturing, and any critical masking application requiring higher temperature resistance versus most general 
" The following data are nominal values based on PSTC, ASTM and other standard test. The data should not be considered as specifications. 
" Backing: Crepe Paper 
" Adhesive: Natural/Synthetic Rubber 
" Adhesion to Steel: (oz/in of width) 33 PSTC-1 
" Tensile Strength: (lbs/in of width) 23 PSTC-31 
" Elongation: (at break): 7% PSTC-31 
" Total Thickness (mils): 6.1 PSTC-33 
" Quick Stick to Steel (oz/in of width): 18 PSTC-5

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