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3M 26338 1 1/2'' Scotch- Performance Masking Tape 233+ Green 1 Case/16 Rolls


  • $124.94

3M"! Scotch"! Performance Green Masking Tape 233+ features the best developments in premium masking tape technology providing the best adhesive transfer resistance. It hugs curves contours and provides outstanding paint lines. Its unique green backing is highly conformable and has a clean edge designed for critical masking applications  resistant to bleed through. 233+ it also has better UV resistance than traditional masking tapes. The specially formulated adhesive sticks to most surfaces (including EPDM) and removes cleanly for up to five days.
3M"! Scotch"! Performance Green Masking Tape 233+ also has excellent resistance to paint bleed-through and good temperature resistance of up to 250ºF (121ºC) (short term exposures). It is manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered plant to meet worldwide quality standards.
3M"! Scotch"! Performance Green Masking Tape 233+ is better than most conventional masking tapes for sunlight resistance. However, it is still advised that it not be subjected to outdoor exposure or prolonged periods of sunlight. The tape may become difficult to remove.
  • 3M"! Part Number: 26338
  • UPC: 51131263383
  • Quantity: 1 Case = 16 Rolls
  • Brand: 3M"! Scotch"!
  • Length: 55 meter
  • Width: 36 mm (1.41 inch)
  • Performance Level: Best
  • Material: Paper
  • Adhesion to steel: 38oz./in.width
  • Tensile: 25lbs/in
  • Tape Thickness: 6.7 mils
  • Temp Range: 250F(121C) for 30 minutes

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