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1 Square Yard - POR 15 - Power Mesh VC 49533 - Kustom Paint Supply

1 Square Yard - POR 15 - Power Mesh VC 49533

POR 15

  • $15.98

Here is the most effective reinforcing fabric we have ever found for use in repairs. While most fabrics tend to bunch or bulge, POWER MESH lays flat, nicely, while you coat it with POR-15®. It's perfect for repairing holes in steel, fiberglass, wood, or even many plastics. Use it to bridge holes in floors, trunk pans, or even quarter panels. It's unbeatable when used with both POR-15®and our famous POR EPOXY PUTTY. In fact, all three of these items are included in our popular FLOOR PAN AND TRUNK REPAIR KIT And if you read the reprinted car magazine articles elsewhere our catalog, you'll see they use POWER MESH to fix all kinds of rust holes. Get some for yourself!
A special fiberglass reinforcing fabric that can be used with POR-15 Rust Preventive paint to bridge gaps and repair holes in sheet metal.
Handling Instructions: Do not handle fabric with bare hands.
Because it is a special type of fiberglass cloth, the fibers may pierce your skin and you will experience discomfort. Wear a pair of gloves (or other protection) whenever you handle this cloth. As you cut the cloth, some fibers may fly into the air, so be sure to wear the mask provided while cutting. Please note that there is one large piece of cloth in this envelope.

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