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1 Case (20 Ea) - Viskon-Aire - 20" x 20" Dry Tack Panel #S-45 4520-2020 - Kustom Paint Supply

1 Case (20 Ea) - Viskon-Aire - 20" x 20" Dry Tack Panel #S-45 4520-2020


  • $122.99

  • A non-migrating, user-friendly dry tack to ease installation and enhance efficiency. 
  • A self-sealing gasket to prevent bypass. 
  • Heat sealed construction to minimize flutter. 
The Series 45 intake panel filter by Viskon-Aire delivers high quality at an affordable price. Filter media on the Series 45 is thermally sealed around a 9 gauge all-welded internal wire frame. This construction ensures the Series 45 will fit flush within the filter's holding frame, creating a self-sealing gasket to all but eliminate the by-pass of unclean air. Thermal bonding also prevents media "flutter" caused by mechanical system vibrations, reducing particle unloading and/or fiber break-off, both of which can ruin a finish. Filter media on the Series 45 also incorporates a non-migrating, user-friendly tackifier on the air exiting side to further limit the migration and discharge of paint damaging particles.
The Series 45 is available in a wide range of sizes, both single panel and linked panel, to fit all major paint spray booth makes and models. 
Viskon-Aire's Series 45 product is comparable to products manufactured by: Air Filtration Co. (Custom Tacky Series and 300 Series), Air Flow Technology (Series 55 and Series 65), Chemco (Series 65), Koch Filter (Maxi-Grid MG200 and MG300) and Viledon (Series A and WinAir).
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